Rafflebotting like you have never experienced before.A new piece of software that will exceed all your expectations. Made by rafflebotters for rafflebotters.
This is why you should choose us.These key features are integrated in the software or can be found in the Discord server.
24/7 SupportOur team provides dedicated support to all DemonRaffles members.
Proven SuccessAll our modules are tested and have been proven to give success.
100% Request BasedAll sites are fully request based, this means that no browsers will be used.
Unlimited EntriesYou are your own limit. Our software will enter the amount you provide.
Extreme SpeedsDemonRaffles is built for speed. Fast raffles are done with ease.
Live Changeable SettingsChange your settings and update your proxy list mid-drop to never stop entering.
Our Demons Feast.We never miss any sneaker releases.
Featured pictures below are purchases made with DemonRaffles.
Supported Sites.We support an expansive list of sites that will give you the best chances of buying the sneakers you want. Every site shown is directly available in DemonRaffles.
We developed modules for a successful mix of sneaker stores across the globe. DemonRaffles focuses on stores that have a high success rate. Built to outperform.
A release method used by stores across the globe to host limited sneaker raffles. We created the most complex module to date. Universal for all sites shown below. Never miss any launch raffle again.
Beam Hill
Google Forms
Nitty Gritty
Cactus Jack
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The product you are viewing is a piece of software designed to help increase your chances of purchasing limited edition sneakers and clothing from numerous sites listed on the home page. By purchasing DemonRaffles you are accepting the terms and conditions, and you also understand that this software does not guarantee your future purchases from the listed sites, but it does drastically increase your chances.
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